Invitation to

Extraordinary Annual Meeting of the

Danish – Czech Business Forum

(Dansk-Tjekkisk Erhvervsforum)

 Tuesday 30th April 2013

14.00 – 15.30

The meeting is held officially in theCzechRepublicin the premises of Orifarm, but it will be possible to participate via on-line connection via a Skype call fromDenmark.

In Denmark the meeting place for participating in the on-line session will be the  Czech Embassy, Ryvangs Allé 14-16, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

In the Czech Republic the meeting place is at Orifarm Supply s.r.o., Palouky 1366, 25301 Hostivice.

The agenda for the Extraordinary Annual Meeting will be as follows:

  1. Election of the Chairman of the Meeting
  2. Annual Report from the Chairman of the Business Forum on activities since last annual meeting in 2011.
  3. Financial Statement of the Treasurer
  4. Incoming proposals
  5. Election of Board members
  6. Various

 ad. 4.

Proposals for point 4. of the agenda must be sent to the chairman of the Business Forum no later than the 16th of April 2013.

 ad. 5.

The board consisted as of the last annual meeting of:

  • Birger Husted
  • Jiří Borcel
  • Henrik Holstein
  • Tomáš Placatka
  • Richard Pokorný
  • Bent Walde-Jensen

Henrik Holstein has ended his activities for Czech Trade inCopenhagenand has resigned from the board.

Jiří Borcel will finish his activities at the Czech Embassy inCopenhagenduring the summer of 2013 and will therefore not seek reelection.

Suggestions to new board members should be communicated to the ChairmanBirger Hustedprior to the Extraordinary Annual Meeting.

Birger Hustedis suggesting Robert Jeakins, CEO of Valcon Prague as a new board member.

There will be no election of auditor as the auditor was elected for a period of two years in October 2011.

 RSVP: In order to secure sufficient space for participants at the Extraordinary Annual Meeting the Business Forum would like to receive the confirmation of participation from the members before the 16th of April 2013.

 In case of need, it may be possible to participate in the Annual Meeting via Skype from other locations than the two official meeting places stated above. Such participation must be agreed with the Chairman of the Business Forum latest the 16th of April 2013.

March 28th 2013

 Birger Husted

Chairman of the Board

Danish –Czech Business Forum

Tel. +420 72 82 44 444

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