Annual meeting 2011

Annual Meeting of the Danish-Czech Business Forum 2011

 1.  Election of the Chairman of the Meeting

Henrik Holstein was chosen to chair the meeting. He thanked and asked the Assembly to approve the annual meeting as legal. This happened unanimously.

He made certain corrections to the Meeting Agenda, namely:

Pnt. 4, 1): The year, in which no membership fee will be requested, is 2012.

Pnt. 4, 2): When the activities and nature of the Association are changed, so will the Statutes.

Pnt. 5: Mr. Jiri Borcel was elected into the Board in 2010, and as such he is not up for election.

2.  Annual Report of the Chairman of the Association

Please see Attachment I. The Report was approved by the Assembly. (can be requested from the board)

3. Financial Statement of the Treasurer

As announced, the Financial Statement was not audited. However, the Board Members had unanimously authorised it by their signatures.  Please see Attachment II.

The Statement was approved by the Assembly.

4. Proposals

1) The proposal, not to request any members’ fee for 2012, was approved by the Assembly. It was agreed that in case funding was needed, this should be provided through sponsors

2) The activities arranged by the Association (by it Board) through the years had generally attracted only few people, and mostly non-members, and the Board found it difficult to find new arrangements.

The Board had come to realise, that it had perhaps pursued a goal, which did not particularly attract the members, nor strongly serve the purposes stated in the Statutes. Consequently, the Board proposed that the Association should revolve around it’s web page, which, in turn, had to be improved dramatically and marketed energetically. By way of the improved web site, the Association shall expand its network for more business and networking contacts, and provide for inter-action between members, like a kind of ‘Stock Exchange’ for experience and business proposals. Furthermore, the web page shall be a platform, where members may promote their goods and services for free.

It was proposed that the language of the web site and of information emanating from the Association shall be English.

The Assembly approved the Board’s proposals unanimously.

The Board amended the Statutes accordingly. As soon as they have been re-written in accordance with the approved amendments, the new Statutes shall be placed on the web site of the Association,, and the Members shall be notified with a link.

3) Having become irrelevant, the third proposal was not dealt with.

5. Election of the Board

For a long time Consul Niels Brøchner has asked to be released from the post as Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Birger Husted, who is only in for election next year, volunteered , and Niels withdrew his candidacy for the board. However, Mr. Tomas Placatka, of Orifarm, Odense, made himself available for the Board.

The following were elected to the board in addition to Birger Husted:

Jiri Borcel, Henrik Holstein, Tomas Placakta, Richard Pokorny, Bent Walde-Jensen.

The Board members will appoint the Chairman of the Board from their midst.

6. Auditor of the Association

Niels Brøchner does not abandon boat, and has kindly volunteered as the Auditor of the Association. The Assembly approved the new Auditor.

7. Various

It is with great sadness that the Assembly General notes that the Association’s voluntary auditor through several years, Mr.  Ole Mølbjerg, has died. The Association is indebted to Ole for his contribution.

On the other hand, it is with happiness that the Association thanks Niels Brøchner for his long service as the Board Chairman, as well as for his decision to stay with us a the Auditor. Always constructive, always able to find solutions, and very professionally, Niels has been leading the work of the Board through the difficult years, in which we had to find our bearings. The Assembly expressed its unanimous gratitude to Niels.

Resigning, the Chairman of the Annual Meeting thanked the Assembly for its participation, and closed the Annual Meeting 2011.

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